Sustainability Regispel

Producing in harmony

with nature

Growing means generating wealth while respecting the environment and future generations. Regispel develops and maintains 10 actions aimed specifically at accomplishing this.


The Water Treatment Station, for example, in addition to reducing operational costs, makes it viable to discard industrial byproducts in accordance with current legislation, contributing to the improvement of public health and the environment.


Regispel’s 10 sustainable actions:

1. Responsible acquisition of raw materials

2. Water treatment station

3. Garbage recycling program

4. Use of recycled materials

5. Preference for sustainable materials

6. Social campaigns on its products

7. Training and development of its employees

8. RoHS Certificate – Products free of heavy materials

9. GAS (Sustainability Support Management)

10. Contributing to the planet’s future


To learn more about the other actions, please visit Regispel.