Ticket Solidario


Customers who buy Regispel Tickets contribute to Education in Brazil.


As of now, part of the income from Tickets bought from Regispel will be intended for the educational programs of the Cafu Foundation.


Tickets are now worth much more: they are worth culture, citizenship, sustainability, and education.


Regispel: The quality of 35 years that you already know and approve is now featured in the Solidarity Ticket.

The Cafu Foundation


The Cafu Foundation is a non-profit organization that creates opportunities for development, helping combat social inequality. It proposes an alternative system for education and vocational courses.


With transparency, seriousness and coherence, the Foundation aims to meet the needs of the community by investing in children and adolescents, offering them the possibility of becoming citizens, and addressing, in practice, concepts of equal rights, democracy, and ethics.


“Nothing in this world can equal the smile on a child’s face. What may mean little to you will surely help us feed the dreams of our children and youth. Let us walk together and do our part. Every child has the right to dream, and you can help make that dream come true.” (Cafu – Marcos Evangelista de Morais, former football player)