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Instituto Novo Céu


Every tax coupon you receive when shopping at Maior de Minas contributes to the social programs of Fundação Novo Céu.


This message is printed on the back of the coupon, allowing you to participate and publicize the institution’s actions.


Novo Céu assists dozens of people with cerebral palsy in the city of Contagem – MG


Coupon Celeste is hope and dignity for dozens of people in a state of vulnerability Regispel, the quality of 40 years that you already know and approve of, helping to improve the quality of life of thousands of patients.




The Novo Céu Assistance Project is a non-profit philanthropic institution that shelters children, adolescents and adults with cerebral palsy in a situation of social vulnerability.


The institution was founded in 1991 and opened on December 12, 1998, fulfilling Mr. Abilio Coelho, a man of unquestionable philanthropic spirit. After a few months of opening, Mr. Abílio passed away and the purpose of caring and valuing life was continued by his friend and mission companion, Mr. Carlos Mirachi, volunteer president of the Novo Céu Assistance Project.


Novo Céu has the physical capacity to accommodate up to 80 people, but due to the high complexity and cost of reception, the house can accommodate 60 people. The opening of the fourth wing is a dream that is being pursued by companies and people with solidarity.


Those assisted are accompanied by a multidisciplinary team, composed of a psychologist, physical therapist, speech therapist, social worker, nutritionist, pediatrician, nurse and ward caregivers. The house develops a serious work, with a lot of responsibility and love, possible with the help of volunteers and donors.





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