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Cupom Tricolor


Customers who buy Regispel rolls contributes to IGT Education.


From now on, every tax coupon you receive when shopping at Grêmio Mania will collaborate with the social programs of Instituto Geração Tricolor.


This novelty will be printed on the back of the tax receipt, allowing you to participate and publicize the actions of our institute that serves more than 300 children.


Tricolor coupon is now worth much more: culture, citizenship, sustainability and education.



The IGT is an educational institution that aims to guarantee the right to childhood and adolescence, it promotes and supports social projects aimed at the development of children and adolescents, between 6 and 14 years old, in a situation of social and economic vulnerability.


Currently, he works in two shifts, in the period opposite to school, by interns from Pedagogy and Physical Education. The activities are developed in recreational-pedagogical and sports workshops, aiming at social integration and the construction of citizenship.


If you want to know more about Instituto Geração Tricolor or want to be a volunteer, contact us by phone (51) 3218.2095 and/or e-mail: [email protected]



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