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About us


More than 40 years of evolution.

In more than 40 years of operations, Regispel has converted millions of tons of paper into rolls paper, to rapidly meet the needs of business and banking automation markets.


The company is currently a joint–stock corporation. Shareholders, employees and suppliers’ activities are conducted according to corporate governance standards based on ethical and sustainable principles.


A pioneering spirit, leadership and quality are also part of our history. Regispel has invested in its growth, always aiming to fly higher. This combination of order, vision of the future and precision in all activities has made possible a solid, sustainable growth.


It is under this concept that Regispel produces its line of supplies for self-service equipment, adhesive labels, tags, printed rolls paper for data collection with simultaneous printing, and tickets. The assertiveness of this work philosophy is reflected on the high levels of customer satisfaction verified by periodic surveys.

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