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Instituto do Câncer Infantil


Customers who buy Regispel rolls contribute to the rehabilitation of Rio Grande do Sul.


As of now, part of the income from Regispel’s ECF thermal paper rolls will be intended for the ICI programs.


This innovation will be printed on the back of your rolls, so your customers will know that you and your company are concerned with and participate in the recovery of children served by the entity.


Tax Coupons are now worth much more: they are worth recovery, adaptation, social insertion, and quality of life.


Regispel: the quality of 35 years that you already know and approve, helping to give hope to the children in rehabilitation n Rio Grande do Sul.



The “Instituto do Cancer Infantil” is a non-profit organization that has operated for more than 23 years, aiming to increase the rates of cure of childhood cancer.

A major reference in care for children and adolescents with cancer, ICI has already served thousands of patients, with all the necessary assistance for treatment.

Through ICI, children and adolescents can rely on pedagogical, psychological, nutritional and dental care, as well as medications and special examinations. Their families also receive clothing, footwear, and food aid. Moreover, the Institute develops Scientific Research projects dedicated to the advancement of new treatments for cancer in children and adolescents.


Learn more about ICI at: | [email protected] | Tel: +55 51 3331-8704


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