Instant Invoice Features

Instant Invoice Features

Regispel is a pioneer in the development, manufacture and supply of Rolls for Public Accounts, Consumption Bills, or Instant Invoicing.


We have experience and specific equipment for this purpose, with the possibility of printing in up to 10 colors with high quality and accuracy in measurement.


We use “Termoticket 75 g/m2” heat-sensitive paper, which features overcoating, a protection barrier against external agents, which guarantees a longer service life to the bills.


Guaranteed readable printed data for up to 7 years, provided that basic paper care is respected (no direct exposure to UV rays, solar and fluorescent lamps and no contact with chemicals, solvents, and plasticizers)


Perfect roll finish and individual packaging, ensuring that the product remains intact until the moment of use.


Precision in length and number of bills per roll, coupled with the reliability and quality that you already know.

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