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Guga Kuerten Institute


Customers who buy Regispel rolls contribute to the educational development of the children of Santa Catarina.


As of now, part of the income from Regispel’s ECF thermal paper rolls will be intended for the educational programs of the Guga Kurten Institute.


This innovation will be printed on the back of your rolls, so your customers will know that you and your company embrace the educational cause for children and youth.


Tax Coupons are now worth much more: They are worth education, sports, and social inclusion.


Regispel: the quality of more than 35 years that you already know and approve, helping to train and improve the quality of life of thousands of children and adolescents served by IGK in Santa Catarina.



Providing opportunities for social transformation. That is the mission of the Guga Kuerten Institute, an institution established in 2000, with the challenge of serving students from public schools and people with disabilities, in addition to supporting educational actions in the state of Santa Catarina.


The projects developed by the organization are guided by actions aimed at the social inclusion of young people. In the seven centers maintained by IGK, six in the Greater Florianópolis region and one in Campos Novos, with children served in after-school hours. Twice a week, they participate in sports, educational and cultural workshops, with monitoring by an interdisciplinary team made up of professionals in the fields of physical education, pedagogy, psychology, social work, journalism, and library science.


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