Regispel Labels

Labels make up the packaging and are responsible for bringing life and adding more value to the product.
The impact of the label can be decisive in the consumer’s choice at the time of purchase.

Principais Materiais


– White, metallized, transparent and polyester BOPP Adhesive Films.
– White and matte papers.


Our technical team is prepared to give all the support in the indication of the substrate type and specific glue for each type of labeling and for the conditions to which the product will be exposed.

Applications and Finishes


The labels manufactured by Regispel can present the most varied types of finishing, adding value to the product:


– Metallized effects through the application of Cold Foil Stamping and Hot Stamping, located in the color according to each development.

– Gloss or matte laminate, which offers a great visual finish and protects the label from external agents, depending on the application.

– Special UV (Ultra Violet) varnish, gloss or matte, with or without reserves, highlighting the print and assisting in protecting the label.

– Delam Relam (printing on the sticker): Our printers allow printing on the sticker, acting as a back label.

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