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Instituto Cesar Cielo


Customers who buy Regispel rolls contributes to the development of children and adolescents assisted by Instituto Cesar Cielo.


From now on, the thermal coils that Regispel sells in the cities of Santa Bárbara do Oeste and region will have a percentage of their value reverted to the ICC (Cesar Cielo Institute) through the Coupon Campeão project.


This novelty will be printed on the back of your reels, so your customers will know that you and your company embrace the socio-sports cause with the children and youth public.


The ICC is a non-profit civil association created by the three-time swimming world champion Cesar Cielo. Its objectives are exclusively educational, sporting and social, of a philanthropic nature. The ICC’s mission is to encourage and promote the practice and development of Brazilian swimming.




Instituto Cesar Cielo: encouraging the practice and development of Brazilian swimming.


The only Olympic champion in Brazilian swimming, Cesar Cielo has a curriculum that qualifies him to develop projects in the sport. In addition to three Olympic medals (Beijing/2008 and London/2012), he won 16 medals, 11 of which were gold. He is three-time world champion in the 50 m freestyle and two-time world champion in the 50 m butterfly and is also the world record holder in the 50 m (20.91) and 100 m (46.91) in freestyle. He is also the fastest in the world in the post-costume era (21s32). He also has eight medals won in Pan American Games (Rio/2007 and Guadalajara/2011), seven of them gold.


To make his contribution to the development of the sport also outside competitions, the champion created the Cesar Cielo Institute on May 27, 2010, with the mission of encouraging and promoting the practice and development of Brazilian swimming.


Chaired by pediatrician Cesar Cielo, the swimmer’s father, the Institute’s objectives, defined in the statute, are:

  • To promote and encourage the practice and development of national sport;
  • Undertake actions to publicize the national sport;
  • Undertake actions to expand access to quality sports;
  • Promote sports, entertainment and leisure activities aimed at the development of national sport;
  • Promote courses, studies, lectures and research;
  • To promote the cultural and social development of the Country;
  • Enter into agreements, contracts and partnerships with public and private entities, national and foreign, in order to achieve the Association’s objectives;
  • Organize a file, library, database, video library or other specialized information systems in areas related to your field of activity;
  • Capture and manage resources intended to enable the development of actions relevant to its proposed action and its social objectives.

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