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Pequeno Principe Hospital

Customers who buy Regispel rolls contribute to the well-being of children and adolescents served by the Pequeno Príncipe Hospital.


As of now, a percentage of the income from the thermal paper roll marketed by Regispel in the retail chains of Paraná will be intended for the Pequeno Príncipe Hospital.


This innovation will be printed on the back of your rolls, so your customers will know that you and your company embrace the cause for children and adolescent health.


Tax Coupons are now worth much more: they are worth recovery, adaptation, social insertion, and quality of life.


Regispel: the quality of 35 years that you already know and approve, helping to increase the life chances of thousands of children and adolescents served by the Pequeno Príncipe Hospital.




Pequeno Príncipe is the largest pediatric hospital in Brazil. Headquartered in Curitiba, it serves patients from across Brazil in 32 moderate and high-complexity specialties. It is a major reference in orthopedics, cardiology, pediatric oncology, and transplants.


It allocates roughly 70% of its capacity to the Brazilian Unified Health System (SUS). It conducts over 311,000 outpatient visits per year, 23,000 hospitalizations, and 20,000 surgeries. It is a pioneer in humanization programs that have become a model for the whole country, such as Participating Family, which provide support for family members during hospitalization, and Education and Culture, which guarantees education for patients and internees while providing access to culture through workshops and presentations.


Learn more about the Pequeno Príncipe Hospital at: | Tel: +55 41 3310-1010




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